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Support Local Grow Together

#SLGT Support Local Grow Together is a group of local businesses and like minded individuals who have banded together to promote sustainable living and to help other businesses succeed by supporting local. SLGT was started in 2009 by J.R. Cohen, general manager of The Coffee Gounds who has succeeded by providing customers with:

“a comfortable atmosphere which makes you feel at home, a constructive work atmosphere for business meetings, and a casual meeting place for when you just want to get together with some friends.”

One of the ways I SLGT is by purchasing server and web hosting space through Host Gator, a local business uses 130% Texas wind powered electricity to power its data center. The average server produces as much emissions as a 15 mgp SUV and Hostgator is committed to reversing the environmental effects of web hosting by purchasing certified renewable energy credits. I also SLGT by purchasing all computer equipment that I use for the company and for clients through Directron.Com, a Houston owned and operated computer wholesale company.

What can you do

If you would like to show your support for SLGT you can connect through Facebook by becoming a fan or by following on Twitter. If you have a local business you can write a message on the wall introducing yourself and to promote any specials for other members.

Update 3/20/10
You can now visit the SLGT website at WeSLGT.com

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