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WordPress Plugins

  • Category Templates

    This is a fork of Arron Loege's Category Template plugin to fix some minor bugs and a compatibility issue with WordPress 3.1 + Note: I am not s

  • Media Tools

    A set of tools to help manage your media library. Big improvements are coming to the WordPress media library in 3.5. If your not using the media libr

  • Really Simple Google Analytics

    Add Google Analytics Tracking Code to your website. Includes support for tracking page load time

  • WP Coda Slider

    Add a jQuery Coda Slider to any WordPress post or page configured with custom metabox options, shortcode or template tag

WordPress Services

WordPress is a state-of-the-art open source publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress was designed to be user friendly and has many great features. Our services are designed so you can enjoy these features and focus on creating content without having to worry about all the stuff that happens on the back end. Choose one our packages to get your blog or website up and running.

Screenshots from some recent projects

Custom WordPress write panels

Custom Theme and Plugin Development

We develop custom plugins and themes that extend the usability of WordPress as a first class content management system or fully featured blog publishing platform. We can also fully customize the admin back-end to work with many custom application needs including custom post edit screens and meta boxes that allow the user to easily publish specific content types.

Custom Post Edit Screens

WordPress is a powerful CMS. To leverage that power we create custom admin panels and post edit screens for the end user to update content in an easy and intuitive manor.

Custom Post Edit Screenshot

How it’s displayed on the front end

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WordPress Consulting

Need help with a specific WordPress problem or just need help right now? Thats where we come in. We can help with anything from plugin and theme customizations to server specific issues or just give advice on how to bring your idea to life using WordPress.

WordPress Performance Tuning

Concerned about the performance of your WordPress Blog or Website? Do your pages take to long to load? Do you want your site to be ready for the front page of Digg?
WordPress runs on PHP and is very database intensive. Unless your web host / server is properly configured your site will simply not run as fast as it should. Throw in some heavy traffic and you could be toast. Our performance tuning services are custom tailored to the individual needs of your WordPress installation and go beyond the scope of simply adding a caching plugin. Some of the performance tuning techniques we deploy include:

Front End

  • Image file size reduction
  • CSS Sprites
  • Combine and Minify CSS and Javascript
  • Put CSS at the Top and Javascript at the bottom
  • Make all CSS and Javascript External
  • Correct XHTML Errors and Validate your code
  • Theme optimization and WP Database query reduction

Server / Back-end

  • Set Up Expires Headers
  • Add Public Cache Control Headers
  • Enable Transparent Compression ie: gzip & mod_deflate
  • Install and configure eAccelerator for PHP if applicable on your server
  • MySQL Tuning Primer
  • Memory Caching if applicable on your server or host
  • Configure a W3 Total Cache Plugin Settings
  • Server Software Installation - APC, Memcache, Nginx, PHP-FPM

We have been able to achieve extreme performance gains by implementing our proven performance stack of Nginx, PHP-FPM, APC Opcode cache and the W3 Total Cache Plugin.  This setup enables greater levels of performance and scalability with less hardware costs.

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