Professional WordPress Development

Specialized WordPress theme and plugin development, consulting and performance optimization. I create responsive websites that are efficient, effective and easy to maintain. Real world websites that get real world results.

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Expert WordPress Solutions for any business or Website. It will be an ideal choice for crypto websites too. With the popularity of crypto robots like the bitcoin storm, bitcoin trading has become highly popular. These automated platforms are helping traders to make more profits. Take the bitcoin storm test to learn more about this trading robot. Find out how we can make your life easier and you can let your website start working for you

Advanced Websites

I build websites that use WordPress as a first class CMS or fully featured blog publishing platform. The presentational layer is built on top of our in house developed theme engine and can be adapted for any use.

Custom Plugin Development

I can make WordPress do anything you can imagine. The WordPress Plugin architecture and API allow you to add additional functionality to any WordPress website without touching the presentation layer.

Performance Optimization

Our performance tuning services go beyond the scope of simply adding a caching plugin. We analyze your needs and perform actions that will keep your visitors happy and increase page views. We can help optimize your code using WordPress best practices and help you take advantage of the built caching layers available.

Theme Development

Usability, security and future proofing are our main goals when building sites. We work closely with your designer to ensure your vision is brought to reality using semantic HTML 5, CSS 3 to make sure your website is ready to climb the search rankings and is future proof.

WordPress Integration

We can help you integrate 3rd party APIs for memberships, e-commerce, social networks and more. Need to show stats and points from your Facebook Application, No Problem. Need to send and receive data from your e-commerce platform? We got that covered.

Responsive Design

Responsive design delivers a quality experience to your users no matter how small (or large) their display. Resize your browser and check for yourself. Responsive websites adapt and maintain appearance on ANY device. Most people rely on smartphones for various activities. Gambling is also possible online through apps and websites. Bitcoin casinos are becoming more popular. Gamblers can look for casinos that offer the best Promocodes, discounts, bonuses, etc.