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Your Guide To Web Font Embedding

Typekit Revisited
Last week I wrote an article reviewing the new Typekit service for embedding fonts on websites. After using the service for over a week now on my website, I am still on the fence about it’s practical uses for building client sites. The font choices are incredible and they are offering a [...]

Google Apps for business: Enterprise level communication and collaboration at a fraction of the cost.

Many small businesses face the dilemma: How to enable employees to share documents, communicate and collaborate on projects and present a professional well organized image to clients. Managed I.T. infrastructure is simply an expense they is way out of the scope for many companies. Google solves this problem with it’s new enterprise [...]

Typekit Review: Will this be the solution for web font embedding?

Until just recently web designers were very limited in the way they used fonts on websites. The Cufon js and Flash Sifr methods have been around for a little while but they are not widely accepted and you still had the license issue. Commercial Eula’s have always been very specific in regards to [...]

Glen Brown and The Kool Kats Website

The Project
National recording artist and Elvis Impersonator, Glen Brown, needed a website to promote his new band and showcase his talents to a national booking venue audience. The requirements were a booking calendar and a built in media player so users could listen to any of his tracks. Glen also wanted to [...]

RepairItGreen.Com Web Design Project

The Project
Design and develop a logo, branding package, and website for a local home improvement company who specializes in providing eco friendly home repairs and offers improvements that save energy costs and help the environment.
The Design
Professional user friendly design that incorporates a go-green theme using softer and more modern colors than the typical go-green styles [...]

2 Free texture packs to use in your designs

I recently squired an Epson V500 scanner and have been creating some really fun textures. If you would like a 1200 dpi version of any of these let me know and I will get it to you. Enjoy.
1st set: Various fabric samples and some slate formica

2nd set: A study in bubblewrap

Sears and Bennett LLP Website Design Project

The Project Scope
Create a website for a newly formed firm that showcases the unique services available and make it easy to update and easy for potential clients to find and contact the lawyers.
The Design
Strong bold colors with a clean modern feel. Designed in Photoshop CS4 then hand coded with XHTML and CSS then transformed [...]